Thursday, December 17, 2015

Digital Badges

Fort Sam Houston ISD has started a Digital Badges program for teachers!  Dr. Rios, the Technology Director, was inspired by the Badge program from Denton ISD.  Together, we created a website where teachers can look up information, request help, and apply for badges on all kinds of different tools.  We have an introduction video on the website to explain the program.

When applying for a badge, teachers have to tell us how they are using that tool.  We post these ideas on the website so that other teachers can benefit from them.  We have been using to send the badges digitally.  We are also printing them, making them into stickers, and then delivering them to teachers so that they can display them outside their rooms.  When we deliver the badges, we play music and make a big deal about the badges they are receiving.  Students even stand up and clap for their teachers.

The response has been great!  Teachers are excited about earning the badges and are displaying them proudly. We have also added a leader board to drum drum up a little competition.

You can access the website by clicking here.

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