Monday, November 16, 2015


Have you ever struggled getting content off of student devices and into your hands?  What about monitoring student activities during center rotations?  Seesaw is the perfect solution.  I introduced this tool to teachers 2 weeks ago and I have heard amazing feedback from all of them. 
Seesaw is a platform where students can submit their work to the teacher.  Once they click on the app, they can scan a QR code (to go to your class), and then submit videos, images, drawings, notes, links, or anything from the camera roll.  On top of the images, they can draw, add text, and add voice.  They then click submit and select their name from a list.
The work then shows up in the teacher account for approval.  Once teachers approve the work it is saved on the student's digital portfolio.  Teachers can comment on the student work.  They can also download the videos or images to their computer.  This portfolio is great documentation for student progress throughout the year and perfect to bring to RTI meetings or ARDs.  What's even better is parents can access their child's digital portfolio from home!

So how are teachers using this?  
  • I have teachers that are having students take photos of their center work or activity and record a voice explanation of what they did.  
  • Other teachers are taking photos of student writing that may not be legible and having the students read back what they wrote.
  • Teachers are having students submit videos that they create in imovie or with chatterpix instead of uploading it to YouTube like they had to before.  
The possibilities are endless and the best part of all is that it's FREE!!!  To create an account, go to  Enjoy!

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